Monday, July 31, 2006

The cost of doing business

Ace explores the dual racism of expecting more self-control from those crafty Jews, and less from those... other desert tribesmen.
Apparently only some deaths really matter. I guess when you get past six million-- who's really counting anymore? Couple hundred here or there hardly seems to matter, right?

Political Correctness as Home-Grown Dhimmitude

The subtle slide from citizen to subject is an issue of concern for libertarians. It's occurred to me that the goal of our PC elites is to reduce the hated and feared unwashed masses to a state of abject subjugation, of dhimmitude- "that they may feel themselves subdued."

The similarities between dhimmitude and the contempt of the PC elites for the peons not only in flyover country here, but in the EU as well is a concept I'll be exploring here for a few days. The seed was planted by this article at Gates of Vienna, by Scandanavian blogger Fjordman. Start there, and discuss among yourselves.

Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

Conan the Libertarian is back

Bush Derangement Syndrome is driving the left so far around the bend that they're closing the loop and becoming a parody of the old reactionary, anti-semitic isolationist right. History repeats as farce.