Sunday, August 06, 2006

Al-Reuters caught red-handed

After Eason admitted sweetening the news collected by the Baghdad bureau lest it be expelled for, I dunno, reporting the truth, one would imagine the MSM would be on their best behavior. Because of, you know, the "painstaking multiple layers of fact-checking and editorial oversight". Well, Ace, Jawa Report, Dan Riehl, Wuzzadem and A.J. Strata have devastating evidence of their gullibility, if not actual complicity in the charade that is Pallywood.
Apparently American media organizations aren't particularly interested in how foreign stringers keep getting these poignant contrasts of the innocence of childhood and the grimness of war over and over again.

I guess they're just lucky or something.

The American media is setting itself up for a massive scandal. One day, it will in fact come out that they are guilty of willful blindness and a deliberate avoidance of asking their stringers tough questions to maintain their own plausible deniability.
UPDATE: (via Protein Wisdom)
Reuters has retracted the blatantly manipulated image that started this line of inquiry, and dropped "freelancer" Adnan Hajj.

Conan, collecting all the pretty little easter eggs in one basket so you don't have to.
(hat tips to all of the fine bloggers above)


Blogger Abu Muhammad said...

Yes, the photographers are very lucky. But honestly, Abu thinks, that they still have a lot to learn. For example from the master of very lucky war photography, Mr. Capa.

12:33 AM  

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