Saturday, August 12, 2006

Deb Frisch, the gift that keeps on giving!

I've been kinda lonely for a little "word warrior" fun this week, and here she's stepped back up to the plate and hit herself a homer.

Seems she faked a suicide note from Froggy, and posted it to Angry in the Great White North-
...she's up to her old tricks. Finding conservative bloggers and trying to embarrass and humiliate them.
But let's be clear -- writing a suicide note and signing someone else's name to it is a form of harrassment. I've contacted Matthew Heidt, but I haven't heard back yet. It's still early morning in California. I wonder just what a Navy SEAL would do in this situation. She says he has dishonoured the memories of his fallen comrades, and then signed his name to that statement. I would never bait a Navy SEAL that way. Actually, I would never bait a Navy SEAL in any way.

So, Steve's taking votes on whether to ban her or not. Don't worry, Deb, you'll always be welcome here! Both of my longtime readers and I need the... stimulation.
C'mon Deb, you know you wanna!


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