Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Moronic Convergance has arrived

As both my long-time readers know, one of my pet theories is the convergence of the far left and far right, each circling so far that they meet in a hideous drooling syphilitic inbred Siamese-twin antisemitic cretinism.
Steve Janke at the excellent Angry in the Great White North has details...
Cindy Sheehan packed her bags and left Crawford, Texas, Tuesday afternoon and arrived home in Berkeley, Ca. late Tuesday evening. Sheehan rushed back to do damage control after explosive information became public today about an alleged affair that began while she was still married to her husband Patrick, and after her son Casey Sheehan died in Sadr City, Iraq attempting to rescue members of his trapped squad.

Sources are telling authors Melanie Morgan and Catherine Moy, (American Mourning, Cumberland Press) that Sheehan is furious that the news of her affair has gone public. Sources have identified the boyfriend as former right-winger Lew Rockwell of the Ludwig Von Mises think tank located in Alabama, who is himself married.

Puts this unintentionally hilarious comment left at the Mises Institute blog in a hoe-ll new light, dunnit?
But someone mentioned Lew Rockwell. A terrible choice, I think. Yes, he's often an eloquent anti-statist, but like so many he loses his mind when it comes to Israel. I note that Rockwell's next hoe-down features Cindy Sheehan.

Heh heh heh. He said hoe.


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