Saturday, August 05, 2006

So, which war on terror *will* you support?

Ace rips out the heart of the pathetic leftie pose and stomps that sucker flat:
If the left consists of such kill-crazy super-terrorist-keyboard-warriors as they so often claim, who are really, really are eager to fight the "right war" against terror (generally defined as any war the US is not actually involved in, or about to enter), then why are they incapable of supporting Israel's war against a group which is

1) unambiguously terroristic,

2) without any legitimate claims to land (as Hamas might have),

3) supported and armed by Iran, the country they often claim is the country we should have fought instead of Iraq (of course, had we done so, they'd've said we should have fought Iraq instead),

4) provoked Israel into an unavoidable defensive War of Necessity, not a "War of Choice," by raining rockets upon its cities


5) is furthermore required by the UN -- the UN! -- to disarm and cease all illegal paramilitary attacks on Israel?

All the usual prerequisites the left usually lists for gaining their blessing for war are easily met here. And yet-- no blessing.


I love that guy when he's on fire. Well, actually all the time. But not in a gay way. Like a Viking.


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