Thursday, August 17, 2006

Still waiting for Frischmas to come to my house

More Frischian fun at Steve Janke's place-
Now it's Thursday again, and Deb Frisch is at it again, now signing my name at Vodkapundit.
In a post about photography, someone left me the following comment:
oh my god - did you hear that pajamas media blogger dan drezner killed himself this morning?

That's a lie, and a vicious one at that. It might not surprise you that commenter "steve" has the exact same IP address as Deb Frisch. The email address she's using is "," but I assume it's a fake.

What the hell is wrong with someone that they would lie about a suicide? In Deb's case, it seems like a lot of things.
I'm not sure how to respond. It's so obvious now that it almost has the quality of an ongoing prank, like the guys who steal your garden gnome, then drive it around the country sending you pictures of where the gnome has been. You don't want your gnome stolen, but then when it happens, you just shrug.

At least the gnome gag is funny.
Jeez, I've been waiting over a week for her to leave me a little love. What's a guy gotta do to get her attention? I know! Technorati tag! Deb, you're it!
Blockquotes nested 3 deep- who 'da ever thunk it?


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