Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More persecution!

Another Saudi victimized simply for practicing "normal Moslem behavior" in the oppressive theocractic Bushitler regime.

A Saudi woman will plead guilty in court on Tuesday for allegedly forcing two Indonesian women to be her domestic servants in Winchester.

Hana Al Jader will acknowledge she violated federal laws, according to her lawyer, Joseph Balliro Sr.

Al Jader faces six counts of forced labor and four counts of violating immigration laws. Her lawyer would not say what counts the 41-year-old will plead guilty to.

Prosecutors accuse Al Jader of forcing the two women to work like slaves. She allegedly held back their money, hid their passports and prevented them from talking to others. Al Jader denies these claims.

Al Jader, who has been living in Massachusetts since the 1990s, is married to Prince Mohamed Bin Turki Alsaud.

Poor misunderstood Saudis.

Hey- if Chimpy's "war on terror" is really all about the oooooiiiiillll, I want Saudi Arabia's!


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