Thursday, October 26, 2006

"If you don’t have the guts actually to cover the war, stand aside for those who do."

Sick of the perfumed princes of the Lamestream Media regurgitating each others' crap from their hotel rooms in Baghdad instead of doing any real reporting? So is Michael Fumento:
It’s not fair to say the hotel-dwellers never leave their safe and comfy confines. “Despite the danger, Nancy [Youssef, Knight Ridder bureau chief] and her colleagues do venture out and do find inventive ways to talk with ordinary Iraqis,” then–Knight Ridder D.C. bureau chief Clark Hoyt wrote in a column. He explained that Nancy says, “When I go grocery shopping, I listen to people’s conversations. What are they talking about?” So this is what passes for “war correspondence” of the Baghdad Brigade.

Even journalists sympathetic to the Baghdad press corps admit they essentially just hide out. Here’s how The New York Review of Books put it last April: “The bitter truth is that doing any kind of work outside these American fortified zones has become so dangerous for foreigners as to be virtually suicidal. More and more journalists find themselves hunkered down inside whatever bubbles of refuge they have managed to create in order to insulate themselves from the lawlessness outside.” Unless you accept “insulation” as a synonym for “reporting,” this doesn’t speak well of the hotel denizens.

He's on his third embed, and has a lot of things to say about his "colleagues". And who knew he was a veteran of the 27th Engineer Brigade (Combat) (Airborne)?


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